Nil Distributions

Dimensional Wholesale Trusts

December 2021

No distribution will be made for the following Trust(s) for the period ended 31 December 2021:

APIR Code Trust
DFA0009AU    Dimensional Global Core Equity Trust - AUD Hedged Class  
DFA0028AU    Dimensional Global Bond Trust - AUD Class 
DFA0038AU    Dimensional Global Bond Trust - NZD Class
DFA0042AU    Dimensional Global Sustainability Trust - AUD Hedged Class
DFA0642AU   Dimensional Global Bond Sustainability Trust - AUD Class
DFA6872AU    Dimensional Global Bond Sustainability Trust - NZD Class 

A nil distribution is not an unusual occurrence as the distribution for a trust varies from period to period; and there can be times when no distribution is made. The level of distributable income for a trust is not necessarily an indicator of the return (income and capital appreciation) of the trust for the period. Please refer to the heading “Frequency of distributions and how they are calculated” under Section 2 of the PDS for further information.